A Beautiful New Question

I am in clinic Monday through Friday. During the week I can see anywhere between 100-200 patients. Many of these patients have similar problems, which can make clinic seem a tad monotonous. Every once in a while, a patient will surprise me.

I had a patient in clinic the other day who impressed me. She was an advocate for herself. She asked about possible treatments and stated her questions clearly. “Walk me through that” is not a phrase that I hear as often as I should. She changed the standard explanation to suit her learning style and her understanding. After about an hour, she was finally satisfied. Before she left, she had one final question:

“If I were to meditate on or communicate a message to my cells, what should I be saying to my body?”

The mind-body connection has been studied in depth. Biofeedback through meditation has been shown to help control heart rate, respiration, and other mechanisms of the body. If patients are not doing well emotionally, it can be detrimental to their recovery and/or overall health.

I may not exactly be a naturopath, but I believe in the power our minds have over our bodies. Stress, grief, pessimism, depression, and anxiety can be just as hard on our bodies. I also believe that patients can best improve when their mental health is optimal.

Lack of control can be an agonizing fear for many patients. They want to know what they can do to improve themselves, because taking prescribed medication or trying to combat genetics can seem futile. Telling them “It’ll be okay” or “Don’t worry” isn’t really enough to soothe their fears.

Somehow I’ve never thought to meditate on a healing thought. Meditation has worked for me to an extent. When I’m anxious, depressed, or stressed, I use it to relax. I find it difficult otherwise. Either my brain refuses to settle down or I’ll fall asleep. Meditating on a specific healing thought or energy may make a large difference in my own life.

I thought I would share this interesting insight with you all. Perhaps I’ll make a post about a meditation on this.

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